To start with I wish to thank Polyplab for sending me a pattern bundle to evaluate.  I’ve used Reef-Roids and Polyp-Booster for years however have by no means tried any of their different merchandise earlier than. This can give me an opportunity to strive some  “new to me” merchandise throughout all of the totally different corals I’ve in my 7 tank – 510 gallon system.

The bundle Polyplab despatched me included the next:

Premium medium sized hoodie

    • Good measurement for my daughter

Reef-Roids (Coral Meals)

    • Product Description: A finely floor marine plankton-based coral meals
    • I’ve used this for a few years, both goal feeding by itself or as a part of my DIY Frozen Meals Recipe
    • Good for sluggish particulate feeders.


Reef Primer Shot (Coral Conditioner/Dip)

    • Product Description: A Potassium salt primarily based dip that claims “will clear away: Zoanthid Consuming Nudibranchs, Montipora Consuming Nudibranchs, Acropora Consuming Flatworms, Bristleworms, Zoanthid Consuming Spiders, Pink Flatworms, Filamentous Hair Algae, Speedy Tissue Necrosis, Gradual Tissue Necrosis, Bacterial Infections, and Extra.”
    • Will try to dip some frags which have proven among the above signs.

Reef Primer

Colors (Concentrated choose Amino Acids)

    • Product Description: Polyp Lab Colours is extremely pure Amino Acids engineered for probably the most demanding growers. It’s designed for:
      – Extremely Low Nutrient Methods
      – Reverse Coral Bleaching By Rapidly Eradicating Extra Vitamins
      – Promotes Tissue and Polyp Pigment Extension
      – Promotes Pigment Progress
      – Broken Corals Heal Quicker
    • Will begin utilizing this in one among my methods that appear light after getting back from trip.
    • Verdict will probably be out as soon as I end the entire bottle with the directed routine.


Polyp-Booster (Coral meals and feeding response set off)

    • Product Description: containing 18 amino acids and 12 fatty acids, Polyp-Booster delivers a broad spectrum of useful compounds that can make your corals thrive.
    • If you wish to see Tridacna clams begin feeding straight away, strive including a couple of drops of this.
    • The triggering have an effect on positively works as directed. See pictures beneath.


Shut up of my RRC Orange Ardour after dosing Polyp-Booster

Reef Safe – Medic (Water Conditioner and parasite remedy)

    • Product Description: “Medic is a extremely efficient water conditioner used to de-pollute water in each marine and freshwater environments. It incorporates a reef-safe oxidizing agent and is especially efficient towards: Marine Ich – Crytpocaryon irritans, Freshwater Ich – Ichthyophthirius, and Marine Velvet – Amyloodinium ocellatum.”
    • I should wait until one of many above occasions occur to get a really feel of the way it works.

Reef Protected-Medic

Scope (A 420-nanometer blue reef mild)

    • This little mild will make your corals fluoresce.
    • I began utilizing this to take telephone pictures of my prized frags as I doc their development.
    • These had been additionally taken after dosing Colours and Polyp-Booster.


Last Ideas

General, I’ve been happy with all of the Polyplab merchandise I can consider shortly or have used for years.  These merchandise are instruments to assist attain your coral gardening targets. Time will inform once I can really consider among the event-based merchandise and the way my corals react to them by way of well being, colour, and development fee. It’s because the saying goes “nothing good ever occurs quick on this interest.”

If among the merchandise listed meet you wants, give them a strive and take a look at all of Polyplab’s merchandise here.