So I’ve a question-my bunny Oreo, whom I rescued when he was deserted in a neighborhood park in September of final 12 months, has lately (simply yesterday in reality) been peeing exterior of the litterbox. He appears completely wholesome and lively: ears, eyes, nostril, bum and fur are all clear and in good situation. He’s nonetheless consuming as regular and his poops look regular additionally. His pee is yellow coloration with a really slight orangey tinge at instances and generally a little bit of calcium residue and he’s additionally peeing the standard quantity: he’s not dribbling small quantities. He’s peeing simply in entrance of his litterbox, and all the time in the identical space. I’ve solely seen him really pee as soon as, and he doesn’t look as if he’s straining to pee or is in ache.

One thing attention-grabbing that could be price mentioning is that he did two pees in the identical space (I didn’t see him really do them, I discovered them within the morning and so they had been fairly dried so I’m assuming he did them through the evening) then I cleaned them and watched him for a bit. After I cleaned them, he received up, sniffed/licked the realm which I had cleaned, after which peed there once more! I’m inclined to suppose that is territorial marking, or possibly he simply prefers to pee there as a substitute of on his litterbox? Possibly I ought to add that we expect he’s fairly younger? And we additionally consider that he’s unneutered (I don’t know if this data helps, however I believed I would as effectively say it in case! 🙂 ) 

Hooked up under is a photograph of a pee that he did:

Thanks a lot and I stay up for any replies! :)🙂