Summer share some random silly outtakes from the past couple of weeks' photo sessions.

It’s time for some outtakes, and I’ve some actually good (dangerous?) ones for you this week!

Somali cat wearing a dress and giving the stink eye

Discuss a stink eye! I can provide a superb one once I really feel prefer it.

Somali cat checking out human’s hand holding a treat

My human was making an attempt to get a photograph of me midway out of my new cat mattress. As you possibly can see, it took some route…and a few treats!

Somali cat with tail appearing to come out of the middle of her head

Is it simply me, or do I appear to be I’ve a mohawk sticking straight up in the midst of my brow?

Somali cat frantically grabbing for catnip toy

Sure, catnip toys do make me a bit of frantic.

Somali cat staring longingly at catnip toy, with a little sliver of tongue showing

I knew you’d be dissatisfied if I didn’t share this picture that exhibits only a tiny little bit of tongue. So right here you go.

Somali cat at pet shop, photographed from behind

And that’s the tip of the outtakes! Did you will have a favourite? Let me know within the feedback.

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